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Vermzz is following 176 and followed by 132 users on Instagram. Vermzz shared 6 media since joining Instagram.

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Instagram media by Vermzz (@vermzillion) - Finally had enough time to sketch something pretty decent. Also I dont think I… 2125995166358627737
Instagram media by Vermzz (@vermzillion) - I messed up his face big time so I tried to fix it with colored pencils, did it… 2124728865061427175
Instagram media by Vermzz (@vermzillion) - Look, I know I did terrible and I dont even know if itll be my consistent style… 2124006899203447682
Instagram media by Vermzz (@vermzillion) - After a lot of contemplating bout making an art account I finally got the courage… 2123405889842319584
Instagram media by Vermzz (@vermzillion) - I shouldnt be posting this but I just cant wait to greet Jungkook the happiest… 2122814621986715503