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Photos, videos and stories from instagram posts tagged with #potanos

Images, videos and stories tagged with #potanos

Instagram media - Growth bar We all have to know where is the box before we think inside or outside… 2133888220631185828
Instagram media - Phone implantation No one can ever force you if you dont want force yourself. #art… 2131410943649638374
Instagram media - Pin on you You know everything in you, but people only want something from you.… 2127824903143704805
Instagram media - Bottomless bed Procrastination take away your time, laziness give away your life.… 2125658369352840392
Instagram media - Part of life Things dont come to you by itself, cause its you that going for it.… 2124936013416476828
Instagram media - In the middle Sometimes its good to be good, sometimes its good to be bad too.… 2123906907518220333
Instagram media - Chasing fingers We cant choose what not to happen next, but we can choose what… 2120539380964620655
Instagram media - Tug of war We will never win with a losing mind, we will never lose with a winning… 2119089778742781181
Instagram media - Glass reflection Sometimes we do something we dont like doesnt mean that were… 2116839949043840172
Instagram media - Bigger candle We have to put down the past in order to carry the future. #art #artwork… 2115209221254829642
Instagram media - Five in one Everyone is looking for advantages and benefits instead of empathy and… 2114741254922481040
Instagram media - Growth in shadow Nobody is interested in your effort, they just focus on your result.… 2113941326945677135
Instagram media - Shadow after shadow Some people dont show it on their face doesnt mean that it… 2113201320740460595
Instagram media - Tears from the mask Some tears is just like water with feeling which painful than… 2112476306881700665
Instagram media - Fitness of puzzle Nothing is fixed in shape, its just that our mind fixed the shape.… 2111570366351332767
Instagram media - Flower of the cactus We all have to go through the spines before reaching the flower.… 2110121076219368545
Instagram media - Two sides of coin Some people work for money, some people play on money, whatever… 2109275556173168347
Instagram media - Powerful weapons Sometimes sight from the eyes and word from the mouth is way more… 2108142850639087696
Instagram media - Climbing to the top Everyone can try to success, but not everyone can succeed to… 2107402925786276855
Instagram media - Two heads pencil A tool cant be use by two person at the same time. #art #artwork… 2106693168916699419
Instagram media - Missing puzzle Its not easy to gain back something when we lost it twice. #artwork… 2106043945896564483
Instagram media - Inside out the phone We always act happy in front of the camera, but its not real… 2105243975842489412
Instagram media - Happy crowd Anybody only know you were sad, but nobody will know how sad you were.… 2104612162044426917
Instagram media - Horizontal or vertical Everything is fixed, but not human. #artwork #conceptart… 2103091874542564063
Instagram media - Laziness worm Dont let your laziness become a worm that may eat up your priceless… 2101634761781893872
Instagram media - Hands from the back We cant stop what people want to do to us, but we can stop… 2100970900430868095
Instagram media - Human pyramid Success is just like pyramid which made up from the bottom to the… 2100261162512676169
Instagram media - Pressure of the stress Living come from stress, stress come from living. #art #conceptart… 2098712994917074469
Instagram media - Different way Your way isnt my only way, my way isnt your right way. #art #conceptart… 2097980674639600339
Instagram media - Equivalent value Not everything can be trade equivalently, but value can be exchange… 2097256059828478972
Instagram media - Network bullying Everything have its pros and cons at the same time. #art #conceptart… 2096350012368580539
Instagram media - Drag by reality You cant stop people from dragging you down, but you can stop dragging… 2095685582354115983
Instagram media - Fly with balloon Going high or going far is always the choice that you had chosen.… 2095164613743072793
Instagram media - Quantity and quality Sometimes we dont need to struggle between quantity and quality,… 2094190662413716237
Instagram media - Music from the earphone Dance off your stress when the music turn on. #art #conceptart… 2093428405643842678
Instagram media - Emoji Emoji is fake, emotion is real. A fake emoji will never portrays a real emotion.… 2092907507765541591
Instagram media - Arm wrestling You have to keep on trying even though the chance of winning is little.… 2092182685685759180
Instagram media - Middle person Were not sure because we want to ensure. #art #conceptart #colourpencil… 2091480397975451159
Instagram media - Different world of people Youre not special or unique, but youre the only one… 2087863995668089408
Instagram media - Undo and redo Its possible to redo the same thing, but its impossible undo the… 2087229865515224544
Instagram media - Shape of earth Choosing an option is a choice, not choosing is also a choice. #art… 2086475027277771314
Instagram media - Walk on the rope No matter what we do, we do it with risk. #potanos #rope #conceptart… 2085750138751789002
Instagram media - Reality hands Its ugly, and its pretty as well. Its weird in a unique way, its… 2085025294712076990
Instagram media - Level of doneness Wish to be cooked but it turns out undercooked and overcooked.… 2084300800712497459
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