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    • Model || actress • Represented by @yulimodels TLV Hosting @hazinor on @reshettv & @the_box_israel & @israel_bidur_show לרכישת הקיט שלי ושל אסנס👇🏼😍

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Instagram media by 🦋Babe🦋 (@noacohen_official) - 😇😇😇
Hair @lidorhadida_hairstylist 
Makeup @tali_moas_makeup 2271210574598570580
Instagram media by 🦋Babe🦋 (@noacohen_official) - Absorbing some vitamin D 🌞 2270470142042095479
Absorbing some vitamin D 🌞
Instagram media by 🦋Babe🦋 (@noacohen_official) - Last night was 🔥!! @yulimodels 
@ela_tetro 2261771396382248278
Instagram media by 🦋Babe🦋 (@noacohen_official) - 🧚🏻‍♀️ 2260256539598990771
Instagram media by 🦋Babe🦋 (@noacohen_official) - New campaign for VERSO 👓
@omeradam10 @versoisrael @opticana_official 2255269434196068660
Instagram media by 🦋Babe🦋 (@noacohen_official) - Hey there sunshine 🌞 2252370688725838988
Hey there sunshine 🌞
Instagram media by 🦋Babe🦋 (@noacohen_official) - 𝐂𝐥𝐨𝐬𝐞𝐫..💭 2250928949985042133
Instagram media by 🦋Babe🦋 (@noacohen_official) - 🐥 2248006752039858171
Instagram media by 🦋Babe🦋 (@noacohen_official) - Some mistakes get made
Thats alright, thats okay. 2245151485329516475
Some mistakes get made That's alright, that's okay.
Instagram media by 🦋Babe🦋 (@noacohen_official) - ☺️ 2229914417506712267
Instagram media by 🦋Babe🦋 (@noacohen_official) - Freezing!!!🥶 2227009691773483277