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Instagram media by Shahin_saffron( red gold ) (@saffron_._iran) - Saffron (Crocus sativus) is a genus of Iridaceae. Saffron is a herbaceous, perennial… 2313518546553791106

Saffron (Crocus sativus) is a genus of Iridaceae. Saffron is a herbaceous, perennial plant with a white curve (defense) on which there are vertebral and lateral buds. Root sprayer is short and usually protrudes from the base of the cord on a circle. The flower consists of 6 6-leaf petals and 3 petals, the same color and fragrant, has 3 flags with yellow antlers, its female has white cream, 3-branched stigma and red. The leaves are long, long, dark green or lawn about 20 to 50 cm long, with 11-5 leaves. The flowers and leaves are placed inside a tube called a spatula, which is responsible for supporting the leaves and flowers. It is responsible for getting out of the soil. This plant is a triplet and does not produce seeds. Saffron is a valuable seasoning and coloring that has a unique smell and aroma and is useful for treating some diseases. This plant grows in southwest Asia, southern Spain and southern Europe, but our country is also very prominent in saffron production. Read more about saffron, its nutritional value and properties in this section of Namnak. Saffron is a perennial plant that has an onion with a brown sheath. This plant has a stem and six purple petals and 3 strings of red stigma. Orange stigma, the flower of this plant is used for consumption. Saffron stigma has a lot of fat, minerals and mucilage. The plant is propagated by the subfloor of the cornea. The taste of saffron is due to the bitter hydrocoside of picrocrocin. The presence of a substance called crocin in saffron is the reason for its color. The presence of colorless essential oil with tropenes and an oxygenated combination with cineole called safranal has given saffron aroma and color.( Source: Namnak site ... . . #Saffron, #saffron_grade_1, #food, #seasoning, #chicken, #meat, #restaurant_grade1, #kebab, #bread, #Muscat, #Salalah, #sohar, #mutrah, #nizwa, #Sur, #Khasab, #alSib, #Busher, #alSawiq, #Sahar, #alKuwait, #alHawli, #alAhmadi, #aljahra , #Alfurwani