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Notice how loose and free Gerrit Cole’s front side is. After release his glove hand will hang and do whatever it pleases. My observation is that he had a hard time staying loose and often times pulled off glove side - whether his head initiated that pull or his front side, he seemed to correct it by staying loose with the front side. It also helps put an emphasis on hip engagement. One his front arm extends to its max we see his hips explode and the ball is released with momentum. We are seeing quite a few pitchers using this cue - is it a coincidence or a mechanical advantage? This angle is great at showing downhill momentum. At the peak of our leg kick - we should be moving downhill. Ride the slope and stay loose. We throw off of a mound - so, use that to our advantage. #baseball #pitching #yankees #newyork #pitchingmechanics #ace #mechanics #body #move #workout #gym #pitching

Location: Yankee Stadium

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