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Giveaway alert 🚨 Packed with features, the EOS M200 is here to give you that picture-perfect shots and Pixel-Perfect video with your loved ones 💕 Your perfect CAMpanion this Valentine's Day📸 How are you spending this special day? Comment below and tell us what feature of EOS M200 is your favorite and why. Don't forget to tag your friends!5 winners of Canon gift pack will be selected. #SocialMediaCAMpanion #EOSM200 #TeamCanonPH

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  1. roseymia_

    Quality time with my Khai ❤️ want to win that as well! For us to have memories to look back when my baby Khai and I will be having a throwback! That would be a perfect tool for both of us to capture every moments that we have. I love every details and features of Canon M200, I love how very handy that is. ❤️ @unkhai @ana_marie_panganiban @barrientosmaryrose @mommymajojo @jether_03

  2. r3tx3d

    Sa bahay lang nag luto si mama ng masarap na adobo happy family date sapat na 👪 gaya ng Canon #EOSM200 may selfie flip screen para perfect ang shot kahit walang taga picture 😘

  3. rachlibrado

    I stopped spending Valentines day since 2009 when my mom died in that day. But my dogs gave my life, not just valentine, a whole new meaning. I always take photos and videos of my two dogs, hence Canon M200 will be a great advantage of capturing our precious moments together. The selfie flip cam and the 4k video are few of it's great feature that I love about Canon M200, plus it's compact so I can sure capture me and my dogs' moments together.

  4. jayojovero

    Spending this day with your loved ones is the best. Having them beside you can make this day even more special! Valentines should always be positive and creative giving happiness to everyone. I like the flip out scree and the interchangeable lenses of this camera. also, the small size gives it an edge. as a small starting YouTuber it is a must to see what your cam is shooting to get the best footage possible! @_coleenagatha @srslynottobie

  5. sassy_gurl18

    Spending this special day not only to your loveones nothing beats FAMILY ❤ We watch a film showing/movie marathon for my Mama and prepare food for dinner and take a lot of photos using my CAMpanion EOS M100 📸😍 #SocialMediaCAMpanion #EOSM200 #TeamCanonPH

  6. jjoo9_

    Best feature is the vertical shooting. Perfect to take instagrammable shots 😂 truly the best CAMpanion @ehlugh001 @katkatya04 @abby.dominado @wolfyy_97

  7. akimirapamela

    My family spent the day grocery shopping. After that, we ate at Jollibee as requested by the kids (see pics on my ig profile). My boyfriend also got me a new non-stick frying pan and a tempered glass screen protector for my phone. I've been a canon user since 2015. I have a Canon EOS M10. I've been wanting to upgrade for a while now but our family budget wont let me. I've been eyeing on the new EOS M200 because of it's simple controls. Perfect for non-techie people like me. Also, it's light weight so its easy to bring anywhere. I love taking pictures of my family so that feature is very helpful for me. Lastly, I don't know what 4K is (again, non-techie) but I'm excited to try taking videos of my children with that kind of resolution. PS. I do have 55-200mm lens here with me. And would love to try it on the EOS M200. #SocialMediaCAMpanion #EOSM200 #TeamCanonPH @mharienellesolano @starfishball @checoavenue @antonjoaquin @carla_m_magcalas

  8. atchille

    I spent my Valentines Day in our home just in time for dinner with my loved ones. Its our tradition as a couple to celebrate at our home while we are with our loved ones. I would definitely love to capture those moments with a camera from @canonphils. My fave feature is its 3inch touch screen display with a tilting screen 🌻 I hope to win ! #SocialMediaCompanion #EOSM200 #TeamCanonPh

  9. hazzetaliman

    Spent this special day outpouring love with my loved ones! ❤️My favorite feature of EOS M200 is the vertical shooting at 4k! 🙌🏻 Perfect for vlogging! @icyherrera @marvinivram09 @jharoldantonio @onindeleon @djsantos20

  10. patriciacchua

    As much as I want to celebrate the ♥️‘s day having dinner with my husband in a fine dining resto, I can’t coz he’s busy and at the same time I’m feeling like puking and dizzy lately coz I’m 10 weeks preggy. Usually when we’re out on a date before eating I take pictures of the food and of course us, and I’m having a hard time capturing pictures when using an slr or phone. Who doesn’t want a clearer view/photo? And what I like about the Canon EOS M200 is the Touch Panel Screen coz when taking a selfie, I can already see myself and look for the better angle, and of course it is so handy😍 I love it! I wish to have one too in the future😍 Also tagging my super close people who really love taking pictures but don’t have the best gadget😅😂 @coleenalisonchua @janiceseelinkit @aimesalaya @kkayeaquino @chuable91 #SocialMediaCAMpanion #EOSM200 #TeamCanonPH

  11. alexandredoddles

    probably my favourite feature of EOS M200 probably it’s handiness and it’s selfie flip screen, because i have an undying love with photography, every where i go camera is a must but I don’t have a lot of space on my bag since i only bring small bags most of the time so I really into small cameras plus its flip screen thing, most of my free time i spend it doing “selfies” so this feature really helps me !!!! Plus for me to create beautiful and clear content yay #SocialMediaCAMPanion #EOSM200 #TeamCanonPH @jessxsoriano @safiyazesthai @denisse.briones14 @tiannery @aintkayra

  12. rd_xam

    As a single this Valentines Day! It's much better to travel alone 🤣 I do love spending time with my Camera, which likely is my girlfriend and use it to capture memories that we can treasure for a lifetime. I did join the Create and Curate, a vlogging workshop by Ms. Arianne Bautista and I have learned informations that are quite essential for people who are planning to start vlogging or buying this camera. First of all is the M200 being compact and lightweight where it will be easy for you to bring the device anywhere, it's either your own house or travelling with your family, it will be easy for you to bring this camera along. Second one, the user can easily transfer photos from the device, it's either using WiFi or Bluetooth and you can send it to your phone simultaneously, so you can easily upload photos to your social media account ❤️ it has a very sleek and stylish design and I do love that you can shoot photos and videos vertically that are compatible with you phone 😍 with its Eye detection AF, it will definitely make a great videos in your vlog because it will focus on the subjects eyes, not on someone in your back. This camera will be great to be added in your lifestyle or you can make it your girlfriend as well where will be there for you because she is lightweight, will only focus on you and can connect with you as always 😂😍❤️ @mike.rendzz @itsmarvinbautista09 @alseastres2000 💪💪 #SocialMediaCAMpanion #EOSM200 #TeamCanonPH

  13. yowkristine

    Spent my valentines day working and a chill bonding with the boyfriend. Favorite feature of EOS M200’s are super handy, lightweight and of course the 24.1 megapixel APS-C CMOS. ❤️ @pheylilicious support mo sweetie! #EOSM200 #SocialmediaCAMpanion #TeamCanonPH

  14. tiamsey

    Eeeeee jusko sa kabaliwan palang ng mga kaibigan ko san paba ko sasaya kung may kumukuha ng picture namin diba @arvincruz @iamarvinfaustno ! 😂 At least dito may selfie cam para macapture mga away bati namin pagmumukha. Kaya san kapa kung di mag CANON EOS M200 na 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 #EOSM200 #TeamCanonPH

  15. redviperbear

    spending valentines with the family. favorite feature is to be able to have selfies with my baby boy @theodorenathanv and @nonitchka

  16. shayneonyou__

    I spent valentines with my family at home. If I see them happy, I'm satisfied with that :). What I really like the most with EOS M200 is that it has for him and for her also vertical shooting. Its nice and unique. I think first time ko makaencounter ng gantong feature! CANON LOVER here! I hope to win because I really want to try vlogging and taking pics also videos with this handy one. @dorsyyyy @sisoninggg @krenggylicious @kmbellen @thegreat_alyssa

  17. joycetlsts

    Canon eos m200 is my favorite @maryrosetlsts @iamedmondcristobal @mabscristobal11 @chichay_zy @zandarasandil @chrstnslvdr ❤

  18. reesesantiagoo

    Spent it with my best friend watching Moira’s concert and crying together. 🥺 My favorite feature of the EOS M200 is its compact simplicity. It can be flipped, which i super great for vlogging, as well as the weight that is not that heavy which makes it comfortable to use and bring around anywhere/everywhere. It can take you places, and you can take it to places and capture moments vividly that will surely last a long time. 🤍 @ijfcd @alohanics @yusatanakaa @swtzllvlsc_ @melizarecto_ uwu

  19. conniecastrovaldez

    I and hubby spent the Valentine's day with our Unica Hija. Celebrating Valentine's day is my favorite occasions, because it celebrates the purpose of life...LOVE! We ate together and had kulitan while waiting the food to be served. And picture is part of this kind of occasion and this EOS M200 is the best buddy to have a perfect shot with my fam bam. I love the 24 megapixel mirrorless camera that delivers stunning image quality and comes with handy editing tool. It is also tiny enough to take anywhere. #SocialMediaCAMpanion #EOSM200 #TeamCanonPH

  20. stephen.mark.09

    @may_lene15 @kriktokotok @qnzy.rys @cuteykate01 @viankaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  21. renalynsegler

    I spent ny valentines day at work. One of my favorite feature of EOSM200 is the video resolution, perfect for vlogging.Perfection📸

  22. gabal_cho

    @canonphils who won? Or when will be the announcement of winners?

  23. gabal_cho

    Who won @canonphils ?😢