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Sumatra by Milos Crnjanski Now we are carefree, tender and airy. Let us think: how quiet are, the snowy peaks of the Urals. If we get sad over a pale figure, whom we have lost on some evening, we know that, somewhere, a little creek, instead of it, all in red, is flowing! One love, morning in foreign land, envelops our soul, gets tighter, in endless peace of blue seas, from which the crimson corals glitter, like, from my distant homeland, cherries. We wake up at night, smiling dearly, to the Moon with its bow bent, caressing the distant hills, tenderly, and icy mountains, with our hand. @jelenabalin Happy 30th ☆☆ Good Morning Vibes Eastern Block☆☆ #sumatra #miloscrnjanski #oregonskies

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  1. jelenabalin


  2. adkunesh

    You captured it too! God that was amazing 😍😍