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Instagram media by 💥 Nik Nak Sports️ (@niknakpod) - Frank Niggalina: 1 USA: 0 😅 2130600223205174712

Frank Niggalina: 1 USA: 0 😅


  1. ovo.erick24

    They needed Melo

  2. patrick.shay.42

    Are we ass or are they good

  3. c_lee175

    Niggalina 😂😂

  4. nyvybz

    We didn’t deserve it 🤷🏽‍♂️ USA 🇺🇸 players don’t care...afraid of getting hurt then gaining the experience

  5. chrisznh

    im proud to be french

  6. jayy_xi

    😂😂😂 niggalina

  7. the_danielallen1738

    We still made it to the Semi-Finals without all of our best players...

  8. hunter.dez

    this was obvious after the turkey game

  9. capmoneychris

    Kobe finna have to save they ass again 😂 Redeem Team 2.0

  10. rvnzero

    Niggalina wtf

  11. _._giannopoulos_._

    So f you all disrespecting euro talent, Greece 2006 France 2019 let's go brotheeer

  12. justincmathis

    You can’t win all the time

  13. justincmathis

    Plus I’m they had Rudy gobert ballin on the French team

  14. fnl1k

    chill wit the niggalina👎🏾

  15. 1erickg

    The niggalina thing only sparks conversations of “can you say that” when in reality nobody really wants to have that conversation 🤦🏽‍♂️ can you just put *****

  16. ryan_azmatic

    Bruh that’s what happens when a 3rd year player is your biggest star

  17. bossdogg1g


  18. anthonylsumtersr


  19. rbryc3

    Kemba Walker is probably top 10 all time

  20. braedonwilliams1

    Australia gonna win

  21. juanntalavera

    que pendejos

  22. estebanlourenco

    If this were the 90’s, these kids would be rookies. #NOTREADY

  23. dan.mccambridge.motroni

    Well those dummies switched the rules and now you can’t be older than Like 25