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Other Medias From Location: Temuco

Other Medias From User: Gonzalo Saldivia Contreras (@gsaldiviac)


  1. iamjustluffy

    Wow your drawing is beautiful 😍! I also do drawings so do not hesitate to take a look at my profile and follow ^ _ ^ only if you want of course❤️

  2. pedro.stolen

    Ql seco... Por q no tatuas bb? Así me tatuas lo glúteos 😳

  3. roberto.catala

    Estimado se pasó con este trabajo! Está muy bueno!!🤘

  4. moovkeym

    Вау супер ультра мега супер класс 👏😁👍😎

  5. yoki_art_


  6. _cpennellart

    Awesome • from artist to artist ♡ keep inspiring 🍂🕯