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    AVGVS [aw-ghus]

    Conscious luxury accessories, dark luxe aesthetic.....because #ethicalisthenewblack 🖤

8900 Followers | 1366 Following | 900 Medias

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Instagram media by AVGVS  [aw-ghus] (@avgvs_official) - The Myriantha Saddle Bag in highly sustainable bubble lamb skin in delicious nude… 1810254138351363415
Instagram media by AVGVS  [aw-ghus] (@avgvs_official) - Let’s slow it right down...consumption, that is ! Let’s buy few, truly beautiful,… 1800776243597913959
Instagram media by AVGVS  [aw-ghus] (@avgvs_official) - This beauty, @kate_stock, with 3 of our newest pieces form the Anguem collection… 1798996061526471434
Instagram media by AVGVS  [aw-ghus] (@avgvs_official) - Nude beauty tone obsession....and those brows 😍 #nudecolor #blush #beautyinspiration… 1798558732991174222
Instagram media by AVGVS  [aw-ghus] (@avgvs_official) - Bondi hangs...when you’re handbag is a tonal match with the building....😜 #benbuckler… 1798397427256657821
Instagram media by AVGVS  [aw-ghus] (@avgvs_official) - Conscious luxury, conscious capitalism, conscious consumption, conscious LIFE !… 1797571677121264075
Instagram media by AVGVS  [aw-ghus] (@avgvs_official) - The perfect nude shoe...? Obsessed with barely there nude heels....❤️ #nudeshoes… 1797258179287939974
Instagram media by AVGVS  [aw-ghus] (@avgvs_official) - One of our absolute favourite pieces is the Ouroboros Chain Pendant Necklace in… 1796384409513876765
Instagram media by AVGVS  [aw-ghus] (@avgvs_official) - Interiors inspo...Arne Jacobson’s Swan in stunning nude....❤️ #inspo #inspiration… 1792678133201937903
Instagram media by AVGVS  [aw-ghus] (@avgvs_official) - The beautiful @kate_stock sitting pretty in our latest Anguis jewellery range, which… 1792450525688350820
Instagram media by AVGVS  [aw-ghus] (@avgvs_official) - What does #ethicalfashion mean to you ? Is it about where it’s made, who made it,… 1791932992623376284